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Small EPSAC ( SEPSAC) - Horizon E11 - E75 Compressor ( Elgi )

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Energy Efficient:
Power saving airend made under a joint technology agreement with the Center for Positive Displacement for compressors of City University, London.

Optimal capacity control:
Varion intake valve installed at the compressor inlet optimally controls capacity during start up; operation and shutdown.

Direct drive for transmission efficiency:
unlike belt-driven compressors; where slipping of the V Belt causes power losses and decreased efficiency, Elgi' s direct drive ensures efficient power transmission and constant FAD throughout life.

Superior Air Quality:
Oil separation by impact and deceleration enables efficient separation of air and oil, with minimum pressure drop. The Oil carry-over level is consistently less than 2 PPM. Elgi guarantees* this process for the life of the compressor. 99% bulk water free:
Elgi custom-designed centrifugal moisture separator removes over 99% of bulk water from the compressed air; so your end use equipment and tools are less prone to corrosion and have a longer life.

Maintenance Friendly: Durable:
Powder coated for corrosion-resistance and streamlined looks. User friendly ' Solid state MIMIC annunciation panel for easy fault diagnostics. ( Optional microprocessor-based control using industry standard PLC) ;

Tropicalised to perform at varying ambient temperatures and humidity, Dust protection with heavy duly suction filter ensures efficient filtration and increases life of airend. Reliable safety and interlocking devices