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Since 1936,
Pulsafeeder, Incorporated
has been the recognized
leader in fluids handling,
electronic pump controllers and
systems technology. We have always
understood that leadership is comprised
of many facets, all in balance: long-lasting,
high performance products, comprehensive
application solutions, innovative engineering
designs, knowledgeable and attentive service,
continuous improvements in R & D and Manufacturing
processes. Pulsafeeder works hard to maintain
this balance - always with the goal to provide the
best products and support for our customers.
Ingrained in our product development values are the needs
of our customers. From initial concept to commercialization
and beyond, every aspect of a product' s lifecycle is linked and
validated to the Voice of the Customer. In the water conditioning
market, the Chem-Tech product line has addressed the
needs of professionals for over 50 years:
Reliable: Products, people and services that are dependable
and trustworthy and available when needed.
Easy-to-Use: Simple, intuitive products to operate and maintain,
with as few parts as possible.
Affordable: True value, including initial purchase, operating
costs and maintenance leading up to total cost of
ownership benefit.
Long-lasting: Robust, durable components, products
and systems designed and manufactured to withstand
the conditions of service.
With one of the broadest range of product technologies
and hydraulics in the water conditioning
market, the Chem-Tech brand has a solution to
meet your need.